PySide Setup Script command line options

Usage on a Windows System

c:\> c:\Python27\python.exe [distribution_type] [options]

Usage on a Linux/Mac OS X System

python2.7 [distribution_type] [options]

Distribution types

Create a wheel binary distribution. This distribution type can be installed with pip.
Create an egg binary distribution. This distribution type can be installed with easy_install.
Create a standalone windows installer with embedded Qt libs and development tools. This distribution type can be installed with easy_install.
Install package to site packages folder.
Install package in development mode, such that it’s available on sys.path, yet can still be edited directly from its source folder.
Create a full source distribution with included sources of PySide Setup Scripts, PySide, Shiboken, PySide Tools and PySide Examples. Can be used to build binary distribution in offline mode.


Specify the path to qmake. Useful when the qmake is not in path or more than one Qt versions are installed.
Specify the path to OpenSSL libs.
Skip rebuilding everything and create distribution from prebuilt binaries. Before using this option first time, the full distribution build is required.
Specify the path to cmake. Useful when the cmake is not in path.

When enabled, all required Qt libs will be included in PySide distribution. This option is allways enabled on Windows. On Linux it’s disabled by default.


This option does not work on Mac OS X, yet.

Specify what version of PySide distribution to build. This option is available only when the setup scripts are cloned from git repository.
List available versions of PySide distributions.
Don’t pull sources from git repository.
Specify the cmake makefile generator type. Available values are msvc on Windows and make on Linux/Mac OS X.
Don’t include PySide examples in PySide distribution
Specify the number of parallel build jobs
Use jom instead of nmake with msvc
Enable building the tests